“I want to write really interesting facts about people and their attitude to life in general. I lived with indigenous people in non-tourist areas and learned about what is really going on here.”

26 September 2016

I stayed in this magic country more than a week. In the first days, it was hard to accustom here, I have already written about this earlier. But only after you become the part of the country you go on wheels.
So, I want to write about really interesting facts about people and their relations to life. I lived with native inhabitants in non-touristic districts and knew what really happens there. For example, now I am living with one established arab, his name is Mohamed, he has his own villas, an expensive car, realty in France, where he usually lives with family. I got acquainted with his friends and they told me a lot of interesting moments which I will share with you.

1. Hospitality
People in Morocco the most hospitable from all the country I had visited. They don`t allow you to be hungry, they will share with you all that they have. It is not accepted to decline the treats here. A stranger can share mandarins with you. You may be invited and allowed to stay for a night or more, and make a free guided tour. But do not impudence.

2. Family and friends.
Moroccans don`t like to be alone. They always have a lot of people at home. Even if you are stranger you will become the part of this big family. I have noticed that family and friends are more important than money in this country.

3. Faith.
There is only Islam in Morocco. They pray five times a day. A lot of mosques with sounds from them which call moslems to pray. One native inhabitant said that Islam is honesty and justice. They respect their religion, country and king. Try to do their best that Nikita was pleased and wrote a good article, it`s a joke of course they really are.

4. Food
This is the funniest moment. Men in Morocco really like cooking and they do it so delicious that you won`t try it even in an expensive restaurant. The most popular native food is Tadzhin. They cook it in a loamy cup, after that all sit down at the round table, break off the piece from a local cake and use it like a fork grasping pieces of meat and vegetables from big common cup, I still can not sated this dish. Generally in this country the food is very healthy. Besides the dishes are from loam because the loam is harmless and don`t store up the microbes.

5. Humor, entertainment.
The most unusual thing is that it is normal to walk with kettles with fresh mint and sugar tea and pour it to neighbors and friends, a cup of morocco`s whiskey it is another name of this drink. They even have special technology of pouring, you should pick up the kettle very slowly above the cup and pour it with specific sound. In the first moments it very difficult to control the lough, because they prefer to drink tea after smoking local marihuana. During this tea break a lot of people gather and flow (read rap) about meaning of life and about system. Moreover each know his text and it happens very harmonious. During the break each can play his favorite videos from YouTube, and all the company is sitting and watching it. The only problem is that the tea finishes and battery discharges very fast. The most actual theme is terrorism, but I won`t describe it.

6. Multilingual
I was really impressed that a lot of people here know 3-5 languages.

7. Taxi
This is the only transport which can do everything it wants: move across, don`t let pass the pedestrian, and where can you see three passengers on the front seat. You can bargain good price. In many cities bus-taxi is actual, when 6 men sit into one white old Mercedes and ride in a one way. You should get to know about this transport from the inhabitants. This is good economy, because you don`t pay alone.

8. Couchsurfing, wallet.
It is easy to find a place where you can stay for a night or get acquainted with local people in Morocco. But sometimes this site doesn`t follow the rules. For example we are going to Merzug, this country is situated in the dessert and this is the most popular tourist`s place. Inviting you, and there are a lot of invitations, local people offer you to spend a night in the dessert and ride a camel, but it will cost you 30 euros per man. I think, that it is an additional earning, and I would feel embarrassing if I didn`t agree. I assure that for most it is the most comfortable and simplest variant, also it is cheaper than in agency. As for me I am really fundamental person and sometimes it is bad for me. There are a lot of tourist places in Morocco. But I really don`t like when people look at me like at wallet with money, and I think I am not alone in this moment. Some people presto sit in a café or buy a water melon, like they can`t understand the word ‘NO’. This is really exhausted , there are a lot of place like this in the world. But when you reach the place where only local, they will not disturb you.

9. Kisses during meetings.
It is normal thing here to imitate a cheek-cheek kisses, this is a sign of a huge respect. But it is not accepted to meet girls like this. For example in France or Spain I used this only with girls, and I really liked it. But here… first times were unusual for me, like what is going on Nikita, Bur after I find someone to greet with pleasure. This is really funny to know and to compare different cultures.

10. Pickup.
If you want to get acquainted with girls in Morocco. I recommend you don`t do it. If the girl is married she is obviously doesn`t tell you anything. It is not accepted to get acquainted with another sex here, religion plays a huge role. Everything after wedding.


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