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About us

Travelers from Miass, Nikita Grigoriev and Vitaliy Yevtikhov, are setting up an open international project – a round-the-world trip across 7 continents!

We’ve been interested in traveling since childhood.  We voraciously read books by Jules Verne and Jack London, imagining ourselves to be the main characters getting into another jolly mess. Since those times the idea of travels kept haunting our minds. Having earned our first money we started off with trips over Russia. Nikita went on his first journey at 19. As of today he has visited 7 countries where he stayed for quite a long time. Vitaliy being 20 traveled 6600 km in a month seeing the South of Russia, Crimea and Ukraine. In a year he was already traveling in the island of Ceylon where he climbed Adam’s Peak 2243 m high.

Unique project

We are setting off from Miass in the opposite directions, with Vitaliy going to the East and Nikita to the West, per the same route. In a year we’ll meet up in Fiji and in two years we’ll finish our round-the-world trip!

  • Have our pictures taken in every country wearing penguins outfits!
  • During our adventure we will be making video reports and writing blogs about our experiences both in Russian and in English!
  • Oceanic distances are to be hydro-hitchhiked over; there should be no air travel!
  • The route of our trip goes across all the 7 continents!
  • We are discovering unbeaten spots for travelers from around the world!

We set aside 2.5 months for the trip preparation. Within this period we have to: work out the route across 7 continents, obtain all the required visas, find the financing sources, raise our level of English, buy necessary equipment and set off!

You can also cyber-join our travel and support us. We want to discover for you and the entire world some unexplored routes and breathtaking places, want to tell you what one feels crossing the Pacific Ocean in a cargo liner. We’ll explain how people live in Tibet, what is the cheapest way to get to Antarctica and how to survive in the jungles of Cambodia. When the trip is over we’d like to share our experiences with you in our lectures which will be given in three cities of Russia.

Support our project if you like it, and we in our turn will bring you presents from different countries! Join us!



Nikita Grigorev

«I like to be in those places, where no one knows me»

«I am inspired by the uncertainties on the way»

My Name is Nikita, I am 23 years old and I am living in Miass. When I was 18, I really got interested in traveling, and the first country I have visited, was Ukraine, where The annual International Festival Kazantip 2012 was held. The main goal was to get there exactly.

Thereafter, I have noticed that I like to be in those places, where no one knows me. I was in Turkey and Spain in 2013, went through the travel agency voucher, but I noticed that the affection to a particular hotel limits you practically in all.

In 2014 I went to the three-month journey on my own to Asia(Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand) and ,perhaps, it was the most difficult and exciting trip I ever had at the same time, as long as there were some situations when the life tests you to the limit.It’s possible that this is a real catchof traveling –to overcome the way which is full of surprises for you, that you can’t even name as the problems.

After all my above-listed journeys across the planet, I want to raise the bar. The idea about trip round-the-world came to my mind a long time ago, but at the psychological side, it was really hard to approach  to this project because you need some experience and perception of what you are going to do.

I am inspired by the fact that I don’t know what is waiting for me on the way. It is very interesting to test yourself and understand what you are really able to. After all, sitting at the same place you can live your life and don’t even notice what you are really can do and what you are really into. During the traveling, all the borders open, there is no any stereotypes and negative thoughts falling in your head, no extra filters, your mind is clear and you fill it with something really valuable and important to you.

I am expecting in this journey that I keep the experience,which will help me to raise my bar higher, prepare for large-scale and significant projects because you don’t have to rest on your laurels.



Vitalii Evtikhov

I was born on April 26th, 1993 in Miass in the South Urals.

Like every other child, I was sent to a kindergarten, then school, then university. On the surface everything was as usual, but inside I felt the urge to travel and discover!

In my childhood I was into combat sports: karate, wrestling, and then I got into skiing. In sports, like in life, I try to compete with myself.

Since adolescence I have been reading travel books imagining myself to be the main character getting into another jolly mess. My dreams turned into reality and I started traveling. Back in my childhood I traveled to the Black Sea with my parents, but only in the conscious age I acquired a taste of travel.

In August 2013 I bought a train ticket and went to the Sea. After several days on the beach I got bored and possessed with a desire to peep over the horizon. This way I travel 6600 km alone by all kinds of transport, visiting the South of Russia, Crimea, Ukraine and the Central Russia.

Getting back to Miass I realized I had changed a lot – and to the better. In a year I bought a plane ticket and flew to Sri Lanka, knowing just a couple of expressions in English. On the island I had a culture shock. People didn’t understand me at all, I even thought of flying back, but my inner curiosity made me stay. In several days to my amazement I started understanding the locals and for the following 20 days I traveled all over the island. Within this period I got to ride an elephant, to learn surfing and to climb Adam’s Peak.

After this I realized that traveling upgrades me in all the spheres of my life. The dream of a round-the-world trip was born before the very first travel. Now that I have got some experience in traveling, have raised my level of English and have accumulated my enthusiasm and urge, I’m ready to make my dream come true and to ‘hug’ the globe.