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“It was especially fun when the caravan of 6 camels moved in the direction of countless sand. And was heard only a crunch of sand and farting camels…”

5 October 2016

“I want to write really interesting facts about people and their attitude to life in general. I lived with indigenous people in non-tourist areas and learned about what is really going on here.”

26 September 2016

I’m listening to music. There is a railway near. Electric trains and trains are running and I’m lying under a playground as the worst kind of a homeless. What for? I even have money for a hostel.

23 July 2016

The other day I was invited to visit Hamburg through Couchsurfing. I read references, there were only positive responses, more than 200. When I was already at the station the hosting man said that he isn`t straight, but I answered immediately that I`m only interested in girls.

23 July 2016

This is the very place where you can fully relax and do whatever you want, within reasonable limits.

27 July 2016