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Here we go, my first full video, don`t judge me too strict, this is really my first assemble video. 

13 August 2016

Couple of times I had to cross a mountain stream, on several occasions I abandoned the road and I doubted if I needed to continue my way, but surrounding amenities and the desire to live in a yurt was outweighing all the horrors and I went further… 

28 July 2016

“…Having these thoughts I’ve left the city of Cholpon-Ata and I’ve gone to the city, called Kochkor. The Muslims ended the Holy fasting Ramadan and there was planned a great celebration in the evening. I’ve changed another bus in the city Balakhchi….”

28 July 2016

The best guide is one’s language. With the help of it one may get to know from the locals, where it is better to go and how it is better to reach the place….

25 July 2016

“…The reason for that is the foreign tourists, but not russians. The number of russian tourists is so small that kids greet european people saying “Hello”…”

25 July 2016