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Here we go, my first full video, don`t judge me too strict, this is really my first assemble video. 

13 August 2016

After an unsuccessful hitchhiking trip on the vast steppe of Kazakhstan, I returned to Almaty city. This time I decided not to settle at the hostel and arranged about couchsurfing with the guys beforehand to take me for a couple of days… 

20 July 2016

When i was in Astana i planned 150km hitchhiking to the fortress, where the movie Nomad was filmed, as soon as i get to Almaty. In my imagination i saw a fortress on the river bank in the deep heath and not a living soul around. I thought one day was more than enough to go there and back, if not – i could spend a night over there…

20 July 2016

Day on the road moved me out of the comfort of the world into the world of the unknown … 

18 July 2016