Kashgar – Arabian fairytale.


18 August 2016

China. Expectation was really different. I thought, that I would see skyscrapers, a lot of supermarkets at every step and modern technologies. But not in this town. Kashgar is the city in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. And this is far from China, people speak Uyghur here and inhabitants are not similar to Chinese at all.

After a long trip from Naryn to Kashgar I reached my bed in hostel and instantly fell asleep. On the next morning I woke up because of ‘Chinese guffaw’, windows in my room on the first floor look towards to small yard, where groups of people discuss Chinese and their own cases.


Although we have got exceptions everywhere, for example when grey Chinese wise man said something, everybody sat very quiet and listened attentively to every his word, later wise man brought his laptop and proved something to everyone and the rest of the ‘students’ listened to him and smiled.


n my hostel I lived about a week and got acquainted with Eugene, who was a young scientist from Moscow, he has lived in China for a long time and learn Uyghur language. This guy became immediate confirmation for me that we are all different and have got different interests. Somebody interested in travelling, somebody in business and others just want to learn Uyghur language. Main thing is to find out your mission, try different activities and at last stop on this thing for what you will awake every day.
Perhaps it will be selling sweet melons on the night market…


The night market of Kashgar is another theme, every evening on one of the main squares opposite to Id Kah mosque people expand night market. Here you can buy local ‘delicacy’ everything from fried seed to fried ram`s head…

Probably, I had poisoned on this market, although inhabitants play a good knife and fork.
The last days in Kashgar I felt horrible, the heat 40 degrees, the poison … but I should continue my trip…
I called this article ‘ Kashgar- the Arabian fairytale’, and that is true. When you visit historical quarter of the city, you forget about skyscrapers, modern technologies and big shopping centers. You just sink into this atmosphere, turn on narrow street and see immediate miracle, it looks as you get into Alladin`s story, and from the lamp in a few minutes Jin will appear and will fulfill three your wishes…

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