The Adventures of penguins Hitch-hiking – Miass – Ekaterinburg

The Adventures of penguins Hitch-hiking – Miass – Ekaterinburg

20 March 2015

Within the framework «A trip round-the world of DuoPenguins», we got the suits of penguins and immediately there was a desire to test them in a real terms and ride hitchhiking to Ekaterinburg. It was really interesting how people would react on penguins that tried to stop the cars..

Everything was quite simple and funny. We hit the road on Friday and we had a great luck because the first car that stopped, had a way to Ekaterinburg. The driver told us about refinements of riding off the road and it turned that he participated in a trip round-the-world on cross-country vehicle. So that’s why people who are on the same wavelength meet each other.


The next stop –Ekaterinburg

In Yekaterinburg we settled in the hostel, where we had 7 roommates more. After it the real fun have begun!We met a lot of people in the streets from different countries and cities: some of them put «real likes», the others thought we were like entertainers, but mostly people had a positive mood on our suits. Using these suits, we were able to meet a lot of interesting people on our way.
Walking alongVayner street(one of the most central streets of Ekaterinburg), we met some guys from China, girls from Oklahoma and The Hawaiian Islands and had a little bit practice of English language.



At the first night we decided to make a video about night city life and wanted to go to the club in suits,  butof course we were not allowed to enter in these suits. We went to the club without our suits and hung out half of the night there, and then we moved to a club, where the party was held in honor of the Brazilian carnival…

The next day we walked much longer and also visited the exhibition of Michelangelo.


Late afternoon on Sunday we left city and stopped cars to Miass. On the way back we had some difficulties: people in cars smiled looking at us, but they didn’t stop, especially the police officers were really surprised, when they saw two penguins trying to catch a car near their post. So we stood there for about half an hour until the first car stopped. They brought us up to the turn to Snezhinsk, where we were transferred to another car and safely drove to Chelyabinsk