The journey to the Sahara. The Sun Of Africa. Overnight in desert camp. Tour on camels in Morocco.

“It was especially fun when the caravan of 6 camels moved in the direction of countless sand. And was heard only a crunch of sand and farting camels…”

5 October 2016

I got to Marrakech. This city is the best point for visiting the main attractions of Morocco. The main goal was to get to the settlement of Merzouga, which is located quite closer to the Sahara desert.
I bought a tour for 75 euros though at first the price was 90. Always try to bargain in Morocco! Two breakfasts, two dinners, accommodation at the hotel and overnight in a desert camp were included in this price. We had to drive more than 1000 km for 3 days.
The most dangerous and difficult road was from Marrakech to Ouarzazate. I advise everyone to sit in the front because of the level difference and sharp turns. But picturesque landscapes will stuck in your head for a long time.
There was a guided excursion on the way to the Sahara. We saw old buildings and visited local shops. If you go to a local shop, you will be offered to buy a carpet made of the wool of a camel for 2000 dirham.
After two days of wandering in Morocco, we reached a settlement of Merzouga, where we could see the real Sahara desert. The trip included camel riding to the nearest camp. As we arrived very late, it was getting dark.
When I saw camels, I was a bit surprised. Some of them were so tortured but they were used for riding and entertaining the tourists.


They do all commands of the local Berbera and also it’s know how to show your character. Loudly roar, when they are forced to climb with tourists. Sitting on such an animal, it seems that it is a dinosaur.


The animals themselves are very cute, allow you to do such pictures.

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It was especially fun when the caravan of 6 camels moved in the direction of countless sand. And was heard only a crunch of sand and farting camels.

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We were getting to the camp for an hour in the complete darkness. When we reached it, we saw a settlement where were only tourists and three Berbers. We were fed with traditional tajine and soon it was time to sleep.
The conditions are quite Spartan. Ten people sleep in one hut on matresses. Sand is everywhere, no pillowcases and bed sheets. So please, take care of it beforehand, for example sleeping bag will work.
The most irritated moment was when we were woken up at 5 a.m.because it was some kind of time to see the sunrise at the highest point. Finally we came to the start point where we started and were left to see the rising sun. Just say it wasn’t the highest point and we were in desert less than one day.
In a while we saw the white sun rising behind the sand, we had a great chance to take nice pictures, we even missed our breakfast.

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We faced a long trip onward in Marrakesh. In conclusion: such trip would be good for lazy tourists! If you really want to find out what Sahara is like, who are Berbers, how to cook tajine, how to brew and pour local tea – COME AND SEE IT!

Put a tent near the camp, meet with organizers and observe the sunrise from you tent’s window with a cup of Moroccan tea. You will get more pleasure and impressions!
Personally for me, I decided that there are more things to do here and I need to come back anyway. I plan to get through the sandstorm and stay here for at least a week, maybe for a month.



Soon we will meet on the opposite side of the world in South America, follow our travels:

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